Monday, June 8, 2015

17th Week Out, 11th week in Arkansas - Leaving for Brazil in 8 DAYS!!!

Dear Family and Friends;

This week Elder Meyer and I celebrated our birthdays on June 2nd!  (Yes we have the same birthday!)  The mission president's wife even called us and told us there hasn't been a companionship with the same birthday in the 3 years they have been serving!  Legit!  The only hard thing with celebrating your birthday on a mission is you get like 20 cakes!

On our birthday we decided we wanted to do service for a member in our ward.  His name is Brother Goldsmith, and he has a farm on a couple hundred acres of land.  He is definitely a man I would like to be like one day!  Doing service with him reminds me of my grandpa… and it brings back good memories!
My Grandpa, 2010
Working at Grandpa's house 2010.
Brother Crocket, another great man in our ward, took us out to dinner on our birthday as well and spent over $100 on the 3 of us at a steakhouse!

The Weavers, another wonderful family, threw us a birthday in their house and made 2 cakes!  One for each of us!  The members here "really" love us and take above and beyond care of us!  I'm definitely going to miss them!

We had Zone Conference this week (they happen every 3 months.)  Zone Conferences are where multiple zones in the mission get together and receive training and instruction from the Mission President and his wife.  It was nice because I was able to see my old companion and elders that I served around in my last area for the last time before I leave!  A couple of elders and I (Meyer, Casper, Joshnson, and Bulpitt) even sang a song at the conference which we practiced for 2 weeks!  It was fantastic if I say so myself!  Wish you all could have heard it!  My last companion Elder Reed gave his farewell talk at this conference because he leaves at the end of this transfer.  I was also able to see Sister Dodge and Elder Kessel (visa waiters like me) who received their visas as well!  They will be leaving the same day as I!  It was good to talk with them and realize I'm not the only one still stumbling with keeping up my Portuguese in a stateside mission!

This week we did so much service again!  We do a lot of service out here and I mean that quite literally!  I'm starting to feel like a moving company as well as a missionary!  We had a week goal as a mission to have 5 OTMs a day ( Oklahoma Tulsa Mission which also means "Open Thy Mouth") so as we participated in achieving this goal this week we saw a lot of success!  More success than I have ever seen while tracting!  We got into more homes and found so many potentials!  Of course we were still shewed and kicked off many people yards but we kept pressing forward despite all the slammed doors and found success with many people who invited us back!  I know though that Heavenly Father challenges us to make the success more sweet!  If we didn't have to try then we wouldn't grow! It's just sad to see people reject the gospel because I KNOW it's true and Everyone needs it!  There was even one family we came across while tracting and there was 2 young boys playing soccer out front while the mom watched over them.  We came over and introduced ourselves as missionaries and I started playing soccer with the kids as Elder Meyer talked more with the mom about our church.  I played soccer with them for a good 25 minutes  and by that time the kids loved me and didn't want me to leave but the mom said she had "heard enough" and didn't want us to come back.  It was hard as we walked back down the road back to our car as the sun went down and the kids came running down the road to me... I Knew how much the gospel could do for their lives but the mom wasn't willing to have us over again.

Brothers and sisters I know with every fiber in my body this church is the true church and the only true church upon the face of the earth.  It will bless ANYONE'S life for the better and you can come to know it is true just as I have!  If I didn't know it was true... then I wouldn't be out here?  I Love you all! Thanks for all of your love and support!

Impressions of Greenwood Arkansas

  1. Turtles run around like cats and dogs! (literally) they like to sit on the roads because the pavement is hot, so a lot of them end up getting run over and now all the roadkill is a bunch of dead turtles!
  2. Dogs run wild just like coyotes
  3. the Humidity is REAL!

My address:
1120 Farley Circle, Apt. C
Greenwood AR 72936


Turtles in the road everywhere!

My Birthday stuff!

I will miss my state side mission!  

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