Monday, June 1, 2015

16th Week Out, 10th week in Greenwood, Arkansas. I leave for BRAZIL in just 16 days! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENNEN! JUNE 2, 2015. Turning 19 years old!

Dear family and friends;

This week started off with "Tornado Warnings" again which is just starting to become a regular thing for me.  A tornado touched down in Mena, AR right next to us!  I don't even mind the flood warnings anymore because we have them like 24-7 and yet I still go and proselyte.  I know Heavenly Father will protect me as long as I obey all the mission rules.

My companion in my last area emailed me and one of my investigators (Kit) was just baptized!  Also the Ratzloff family will be getting baptized this week on the 6th!  It was so crazy how I met the Ratzloffs.   One day I was out tracting and they called me and said, "Hey... we need help with some things and we were given this number to call if we ever needed any help."  I told them I would LOVE to help and I asked if I could come by and see them some time.  They said, "You can come by right now."  So I did end up going to see them and teaching them the first discussion, gave them priesthood blessings, and committed them to be baptized all in the same day which they accepted!  Now after 3 weeks they are being baptized.  I'm so happy to see the fruits of my labors.  It's amazing to see the people that the Lord prepares for you if your willing to work for it!  I'm a strong believer that Heavenly Father will bless you according to your obedience and efforts on your mission.

Anyways, this week we focused on the unbaptized children in our ward, and in doing so we picked up a couple new investigators.  We also did a lot of service again this week.  We wrangled cattle and did a bunch of other crazy Red Neck things!

This week we got new furniture for our apartment because all of our furniture belonged in the dump. No one wanted this furniture so we lit it on fire at a members house!  People don't dump things out here... they just burn everything.

After 2 weeks of working with one of our less active families, the mom showed up this Sunday to church!  We have seen many blessings this week and I continue to see blessings every day I serve.  I love you all and I'm great full for all of your love and support!

Impressions of Greenwood Arkansas

  1. Every other car out here is towing a tailor, and most of the time they are filled with junk!
  2. Ticks and chiggers are everywhere out here!  I got so many chigger bites this week from doing service in fields! 
  3. Old fat dudes just don't wear shirts… yup.
  4. Trailer homes are very common out here.
My ADRESS for mail:
1120 Farley Circle. Apt. C
Greenwood, AR 72936


Our apartment.  The new furniture.  My artwork on the walls, and let's not forget the lights!

Flood warnings under effect until Tues.  Lakes are past their capacity and are flooding rivers and streams.  All that water just needs somewhere to go.  Tornados are touching down all over Arkansas, and many low lying farmlands, towns, and neighborhoods are under water.


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