Monday, April 27, 2015

11th Week, 5th week in Fayetteville, AR (Waiting for Visa to Brazil)

Hello from Fayetteville!

This week we have been working hard with one of our investigators named Chris, you would be amazed to see the progress this man has made. The first day we ran into him and taught him, his house was a wreck, he seemed high on something and just struggling.  But in the past couple of weeks with us working with him, he has been reading the scriptures, praying, going to church.  We even took him to a baptism this week!  He has committed to stop smoking and living the Word of Wisdom. This man has come so far and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to see how much this gospel can change someones life for the better.  

Elder Reed and I Me were able to preform lots of service this week.  We took care of the trash at a festival in Siloam Springs which is a little town with a population of 15,000.  After the service in Siloam Springs, all of the missionaries that came down went to lunch together and we ended up going to a casino.... BUT there was a buffet there for $8.00 and it was probably the cheapest, nicest meal I have ever had so it was worth it.  We also set up a ballet studio. We were even able to go to a ballet show because of our service, now let me tell you I don't know if I would have ever gone to a ballet performance off the mission. Let me tell you, ballet is not for me... Me and elder Murdock were trying so hard not to laugh all night at 2 guys that were performing.  

I have had so many things thrown at me this week, we will all have trials, but I am so grateful to have this Gospel in my life!  Like I said, I love watching how this gospel changes lives for the better, including mine!  Thank you for all of your Love and Support!

Impressions of Fayetteville Arkansas

  • Erratic crazy thunderstorms are pretty normal and often out here!
  • A lot of people out here have BIG fires on their front yard grass and leave them unattended, but since its so humid the grass doesn't catch fire.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10th Week - (4th Week in Fayetteville, Arkansas!) Still waiting for Visa to Brazil

Language study has been rough!

Mas eu se que eu no posso falar Portugese sem o dom do tongs.

Dear Family and Friends
This week I went on an exchange with Prarie Grove and man...  that is in the middle of no where with a population of around 30,000!  I had a great day there with Elder Hardman.  They don't really have a car in their area, so we rode bikes everywhere.  We found great success that day and I was able to invite 3 people to be baptized in their area and they accepted!  I can't wait until this starts to happen in my area.  So I went on splits this week with a member in my ward Brother Carmac while my companion went with another member.  But man this man is BOLD!  We went tracting..., I will knock on peoples doors and if they don't answer he will knock on their windows around the house, ring the doorbell a lot until they come out!  He would tell me, "You see that person walking to their car... run and  stop them before they make it."  Like this man just does not care what the circumstance may be, he will get their attention and talk to them about the gospel.  Of course he is friendly and polite but... WOW!  It has however been good for helping me become more bold.  Before I came out on the mission I could not go up to any random person and just relate something to the gospel to their life, but that is my life now!  I talk to everyone anywhere I go.  

I never thought I would be out here in Fayyetteville, Arkansas which is like the middle of no where, but here I am!  I love it out here though it is starting to get pretty humid and hot!  This week we have had thunderstorms all week!  I love it! 

This Sunday me and my companion had to split because we had investigators going to both wards.  I went to Fayetteville 2nd Ward and he went to YSA Ward.  It was sooooooo weird to be at church without my companion!  I was with a member of course but it was still weird!  

I don't have much to report because we have been basically working on building our teaching pool out here.  It's hard work out here!  Everyone usually already has a church that they go to and so it's very hard to find people to teach, plus the wards are not very active out here.  We do have a couple progressing investigators though who took the commitment to be baptized and we are in the guiding stage to help them find out if the Book of Mormon is true.  I pray multiple times a day that they do.  My life is great!  I'm so grateful for this time that I have to serve a mission!  I Love you all!  Thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Fayetteville Arkansas
  • GREEN!  Everything is green out here because of the humidity!
  • Every single street consists of several dead animals.  You're always swerving when your driving so you don't hit them.
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A little rest...

Irony - Cemetery!

My Mission is called the Tulsa Oklahoma Mission.
 It encompasses 4 different states.
(Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri)

Monday, April 13, 2015

9th Week - (3rd Week in Fayetteville, Arkansas!) Still waiting for Visa to Brazil

Return with Honor!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we have faced a lot of rejection and being stood up, but we continue to work hard.  We were asked to give talks on Sunday in the YSA Ward.  The topic was conversion and I was a little worried because there is no youth talks and we had to speak for a solid 30 minutes each.   Plus I am a missionary so I'm out doing work and had like no time to prepare, but no fear... I gave the talk no problem and I realized that Conversion does not end when we are baptized. Conversion is an ongoing process.  You use it or you loose it!  

So we have been working with one of our investigators.  Her name is Allyanna, and she committed to be baptized if she found out this church is true so it is my prayer that she does come to know how true this gospel is.  We continue to support and help her.  We are working with a couple other investigators but only Allyanna has committed to be baptized.  Since we were shotgunned into this area we had to start from scratch so right now we are trying to build our teaching pool of investigators.  We finding those who will hear our message but it is hard because most people are religious and already have a church they attend.  

So I would like to share a story with you about a member in my Ward. His name is TJ.  He is 28 years old.   When he was 16 years, he was in a terrible car accident.  He was perfectly normal before the crash, but he suffered brain damage in this crash.  He was in a coma for 3 months after the crash and when he woke up, he could no longer walk right.  He couldn't use his right arm, he can't speak right and it is very hard to understand him.  Now today he still struggles with all of these disabilities and when people look at him they automatically think he is special, but in his head he is still there!  He is not mental, he is a normal man in his mind.  He tries to talk to us but it's so hard to understand him because he can barely mumble.  He has to say a sentence up to 10 times for you to understand it, but he is the happiest man in the World.  He is funny, he is smart!  So if anyone of you is struggling out there, make the best out of your challenges.  We will all have challenges!   You can't prevent them!  Some will be worse than others, but realize how good you have It!  You can talk, you can walk!  

I Love you all and thank you so much for all of your love and support! 

Impressions of Fayetteville Arkansas
  • Everyone and their Dog smokes! Breathing is not a thing.
  • Everyone and their Dog also only drives Raised Trucks.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

8th Week - (Week 2 in Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Hello All!

This week I have been getting into the flow of being a missionary.  So if you haven't seen, I live in a mansion and by now I have had the opportunity of going to 2 other missionary apartments.  I feel so bad for everyone else because their apartments are small, smell like smoke, and they live with 4 missionaries.  Meanwhile, me and my companion have a mansion to ourselves!  We don't even have to clean because they have a maid!  I'm so spoiled! It is funny though because I'm going to be going to the best of the best in a stateside mission to the worst of the worst in a foreign mission... so I'm definitely living it up while I can!  I mean literally... I woke up one of the days this week and we have a balcony so I go outside and there is deer!  We live in the forest and it's so peaceful!  Also spring has started here and everything is blooming!  

Anyways, I have been working hard to keep my language study up!  I'm starting to realize though when I go to Brazil I'm going to have to rely on Heavenly Father to help me out!  I know he will though!  There is a member here in one of our Wards who actually served his mission in Sao Paulo Brazil so he speaks Portuguese to me!  He's going to have me over for dinner this week to tell me more about his mission!  

I Loved to be able to listen to conference in English!  I got a lot out of it!  I hope you did to!  If you did not get the chance to listen to Elder Jeffrey R Hollands talk,  I would invite you to go and listen to it!  Here is the link:

I loved conference! It was interesting on how much they talked about families in the world today!  Since it was Easter weekend I find it appropriate to talk about our Savior Jesus Christ.  He endured trials that no man can begin to comprehend!  On the day He was put on the cross He was spat on, hit, slapped, kicked, mocked, He bled out of EVERY pore, He was wiped and I have heard that if you whip a man 33 times it kills they wiped Jesus 32 times ON TOP of everything else! And all these people that were mocking and hitting and torturing Him.... He was atoning for THEM for THEIR sins which they were doing to Him!  

I want to share one my favorite quotes I heard at an EFY in Hawaii; "It was not the nails that held Jesus on the cross... but it was His love for us" because we know that Jesus had the power to come down off that cross if He wanted to but He stayed on the cross Because He loved us!  Jesus TRULY payed the ULTIMATE price so that we can be forgiven of our sins and live again with Him some day!  Just as He lives again!  I love OUR Savior Jesus Christ! I LOVE HIM!  I hope we all can truly appreciate more fully the love that our Savior has for us! he does understand us all no matter how different our circumstances may be... He knows us all individually!  I Love you all and I am so grateful for all of your love, prayers, and support for me!  
-Elder Horton

Impressions of Fayetteville Arkansas
  • Everyone and their dog works at Walmart; we have Walmart, gas station Walmart, the Walmart headquarters, the first Walmart, the Walmart museum, super Walmart, Walmart supermarkets, pretty much Walmart owns everything!
Thrift shop game on point with Elder Murdock Another Elder in my Zone

There was 3 Deer right outside our house!