Monday, April 13, 2015

9th Week - (3rd Week in Fayetteville, Arkansas!) Still waiting for Visa to Brazil

Return with Honor!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we have faced a lot of rejection and being stood up, but we continue to work hard.  We were asked to give talks on Sunday in the YSA Ward.  The topic was conversion and I was a little worried because there is no youth talks and we had to speak for a solid 30 minutes each.   Plus I am a missionary so I'm out doing work and had like no time to prepare, but no fear... I gave the talk no problem and I realized that Conversion does not end when we are baptized. Conversion is an ongoing process.  You use it or you loose it!  

So we have been working with one of our investigators.  Her name is Allyanna, and she committed to be baptized if she found out this church is true so it is my prayer that she does come to know how true this gospel is.  We continue to support and help her.  We are working with a couple other investigators but only Allyanna has committed to be baptized.  Since we were shotgunned into this area we had to start from scratch so right now we are trying to build our teaching pool of investigators.  We finding those who will hear our message but it is hard because most people are religious and already have a church they attend.  

So I would like to share a story with you about a member in my Ward. His name is TJ.  He is 28 years old.   When he was 16 years, he was in a terrible car accident.  He was perfectly normal before the crash, but he suffered brain damage in this crash.  He was in a coma for 3 months after the crash and when he woke up, he could no longer walk right.  He couldn't use his right arm, he can't speak right and it is very hard to understand him.  Now today he still struggles with all of these disabilities and when people look at him they automatically think he is special, but in his head he is still there!  He is not mental, he is a normal man in his mind.  He tries to talk to us but it's so hard to understand him because he can barely mumble.  He has to say a sentence up to 10 times for you to understand it, but he is the happiest man in the World.  He is funny, he is smart!  So if anyone of you is struggling out there, make the best out of your challenges.  We will all have challenges!   You can't prevent them!  Some will be worse than others, but realize how good you have It!  You can talk, you can walk!  

I Love you all and thank you so much for all of your love and support! 

Impressions of Fayetteville Arkansas
  • Everyone and their Dog smokes! Breathing is not a thing.
  • Everyone and their Dog also only drives Raised Trucks.

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  1. Dear Elder Horton,
    Thank you for sharing your touching experience with this special young man.