Tuesday, April 26, 2016

62nd Week Out, Week 10 Mondubim, "New Investigators"

Dear Family and friends this week we didn't have a baptism but we worked very hard! We made 37 new investigators and marked 20 baptismal dates and out of all this, eight people came to church so we should hopefully see a baptism out of this. Funny thing that happened this week we were in church in sacrament meeting and my investigator was sitting in the back row wich touches the wall if you lay back. And my investigator happened to lay back and flip the light switch and turned off the lights! Haha Elder Anastacio is a great companion! We are already like brothers! He is going to come visit me one day after the mission we might even rent an apartment together for college, but he's definitely a best friend! I made cinnamon toast this week and like nobody even knew it existed and thought it was the best thing ever! It's so simple too!

-Impressions of Mondubim Brasil
-so the news was playing when I was emailing today and I happened to hear that ONLY 20 banks were robbed this year in Brazil (CEARA) ALONE! Lol, well thank goodness for only 20!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

61st Week Out, Week 9 Mondubim, "Baptizing Success and Adventures of Omnibuses"

Dear Family and friends this week was super great! Remember Andre and Joao Vitor who were baptized last week! Well this week we baptized their dad Sergio! This week I also did a division and during the division we found an old man who was blind walking in the middle of the street all alone. Obviously lost we extended our arm to him and helped him make it to a supermarket where we found someone who knew him. When we were about to leave he asked, are you guys Mormon?  Like we didn’t say anything about the church and he couldn’t see, so that was pretty cool! Elder Anastacio my companion we are very similar in many things and he loves to have fun like I do! We are both very laid back and getting along just great. I love my mission And I love Mondubim.  I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Mondubim Brasil
-Here in Brasil the bus transit is CRAZY I know I have said this in the past but let me explain a little better why now; so the omnibuses here are so freaking loaded that there's people on top of everyone for example like yesterday I was waiting at the bus stop and the bus shows up completely loaded like people hanging out the door loaded! And there was this man like pressed up against the roof above everyone with a bell and when the door opened to get in, he started ringing the bell like LETS GO! GET IN! PARTY! LETS SEE HOW LOADED THIS BUS CAN GET!  Lol and like just to get out of this bus people will be working together like 10 to 15 people will have to get off and get back in just so you can get off. Also pulling the string to stop this bus does not work you have to scream like HEY! I NEED TO GET OFF! HEY! And even then sometimes it dosen't work lol. And ON TOP of all this madness there will be people that enter the bus to sell candy to everyone! they will put a piece of candy in everyones hand and then scream IS THERE SOMEONE BLESSED OF GOD THAT WILL BUY MY PRODUCT? Like wow people are desperate to make 5 cents, you spent more money to enter the bus than you sold on the bus… but yea everyone buys candy! I do to who wouldn’t?

60th Week Out, Week 8 Mondubim, "Training New Companion"

Dear family and friends, This week I was in a Trio until Wednesday when my companion arrived from the MTC. His name is Elder Anastacio. he is 18 years old, from Sao Paulo leste. It's funny he is my third companion from Sao Paulo and here in Brasil there's different accents wherever you go so I'm here in Ceara but I don't speak with the accent of Ceara, I speak with the slang of Sao Paulo haha ( if that didn't make sense imagine someone speaking with a country accent in California) anyways this week was great we were able to set many baptismal dates! and we even had a baptism all lined up for Sunday but Sunday afternoon he didn't pass his baptismal interview due to question 4 so that stunk. But This week we WILL baptize I will find someone this week. When you start your mission and don't baptize it makes it hard to realize your purpose it to BAPTIZE. I didn't baptize anyone on my mission from the day I entered for 6 months and because of this baptism I created in my mind a thing that doesn't happen. I've grown my faith so much on my mission. I know I am here to baptize people and the lord will guide me to them according to my obedience and efforts. I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Mondubim

  • So back in USA when it rains it's cold and everyone has jackets and umbrellas, here it's so stinkin hot that people will be using an umbrella to not get wet but without a shirt because it's so hot!

Monday, April 4, 2016

59th Week Out, Week 7 Mondubim

No email this week.  Transfer Week... In a Trio companionship near Fortaleza East Mission Office.  Awaiting the arrival of my companion from San Paulo, Brazil.  Trainer Round 2!