Monday, July 25, 2016

75th Week Out, Week 6 Pacatuba, "Seeing Success in the City of Horto"

Dear Family and friends,
 This week was everything I hoped it to be and more! So this week transfer calls came and....... I will be staring here with Elder Ehms!!!!! Heck yes!  we had 4 baptisms on Sunday! We are destroying this city: HORTO its got my name written all over it I mean C’MON!!!! We had planned 2 of our baptisms on Friday so that Sunday they could receive the gift of the holy ghost. BUT we get to the church Friday morning to fill up the Baptismal font and... Theres NO water whatsoever! So we moved all 4 baptisms to be Sunday after church... BUT Sunday there was still no water in the church building...... So we starting putting our heads together, who has a pool? Our stake Presidente here has a pool and we asked him if we could have a baptismal service in his house Sunday and of course he said YES! So we  had to go get all of our baptisms by car and bring them to the stake presidente's house. We picked up 2 and then went to look for the other 2 and we get to their house and find out that they are doubting if they want to be baptized... she said “I wanted to be baptized at the church, it was all lined up and didn't plan out and maybe it didn't work out because god didn't want it to work out” man... SATAN WORKS HARD to get in your head! He will Always be there to confuse you! DONT LET HIM IN!  We explained to her that the place she was baptized was not important, what is important is that she will be baptized by someone who has authority to do so! Graca(Grace) is 35 years old and Felipe her son is 8 years old and were both baptized that Sunday, Graca is separated from her husband and  the mother to Francil who we baptized 2 weeks ago and she has 2 more sons who were less active, we have now reactivated this family. Now Graca the mother of her Family goes to church each week with her 4 boys and I fell so blessed to see this Family at church each week! She lives all the way in the city Horto which is 30 minutes by foot from the church, so she and her 4 sons take the bus to and from every week.  Theres nothing better than completing a Family in the mission! We had 2 more baptisms for Lara she is 12 years old, we found her because her brother is less active! We reactivated her Brother Gil who is 22. Gil was the only memeber in his Family until now. Lara while we were teaching her the VERY FIRST moment we met her and she tells us “hey I found out that people who aren't baptized wont be able to live with god 1 day.. is that true? Like does it get any better than that! We also had a baptism for Walison who is 13 years old, his parentes aren't legally married so sadly cant be baptized, so we will be working with them! I Love LOVE this área its a GOLD MINE! The HORTO CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH is going on here man!!!!! I Love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-Other churches here ( NOT OURS) are Always asking for peoples Money! Like if you don't have Money in bills don't worry because churches here ACCEPT YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!!  lol

Monday, July 18, 2016

74th Week Out, Week 5 Pacatuba, "Worthy of God's Will"

Dear Family and friends,
This week was sad... BECAUSE we didn't have a baptism! ...BUT I didn't want that to happen again SO me and my companion brought 11 people to church SO you can count on it that we WILL have a baptism this week! MORE THAN 1! For all missionaries the thing that brings the MOST joy on the mission is baptism, they might say nahhhh ...but it's true! I always try to do everything possible so that heavenly father blesses me with a baptism, I have learned that baptism is a blessing from god, so heavenly father will only prepare people for me to baptize if I'm for example I can have a baptism all lined up for Sunday but if I slack off Saturday before, heavenly father is not going to bless me with that baptism. I have to be worthy 24 hours a day 365 days a year for 2 years! I LOVE MY mission BRASIL FORTALEZA LESTE is truly the mission I was supposed to serve in. Everyone says that their mission is the best mission in the whole world.. and it's true for that missionary in that mission! So My mission is the best mission in the whole world FOR ME and all of the missionaries IN my mission! I love you all and thank you for all you love and support!
worthy of them.

-Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-Everybody never leaves their house with their cell phone in their pocket, everyone leaves their cell phone at home because they don't want to be assaulted and loose their nice phone. Some people walk with 2 cell phones 1 good one and 1 that's super cheap so that if they get assaulted they will give them the cheap one. Here in Brasil there's A LOT of assaults but they don't ask for money, they just ask for your cell phone!

Monday, July 11, 2016

73rd Week Out, Week 4 Pacatuba, "Reactivated Family"

Dear family and friends My companion Elder Ehms is super legit! he played for a professional soccer team here in Brasil called Gremio! ( its the professional team for the state!) He was 16 when he was playing and he is SUPER GOOD! like he can literally do everything with a soccer ball! so what professional teams do here is find kids under 18 to play for their team when they turn 18, (scouting) they chose him and when he turned 18 he would have literally been on the professional team! they were paying him to play soccer! but he left to serve a mission! DANG!

-- This week we had another baptism! for a boy named Francil he is 13 years old. We found him because of our bishop, 2 Sundays ago we went to pick someone up with our bishop and while we were driving he pointed at a house and said theres a family of less actives that lives here, I would like you to visit. SO we passed by and theres 2 less actives a boy named Welison who is 18, his brother Tiago who is 17, AND Francil who was not a member, so we reactivated Tiago and Welison and baptized Francil. They have 1 more brother Felipe who is 8 and their mother Graca who are not baptized yet, so we well be working with them to complete this family! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!
Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-Here in brasil like no one has computers in their house because its very expensive SO they have places called "LAN HOUSES" a house LOADED with computers (where I email) and these lan houses are LOADED with kids playing video games, so every week as I send my emails I always listen to screaming kids playing their computer games.

Monday, July 4, 2016

72th Week Out, Week 3 Pacatuba, "Mission President Change"

Dear family and friends this week was ANOTHER great week, they all are! My mission President; President Fusco went home and we now have a mission President named; President Leite. I haven't had the opportunity to meet him yet, but we will be having a mission conference this week so I will be able to meet him! we had 3 baptisms this week. 1 was for a girl named Rayane she is 15 years old. she was prepared from the moment we met her! for example; This week she asked us if she had to be a member to be able to visit other people with us( because we always visited her with other young woman) our other baptism was for a woman named Isabel and her son Pedro Igor. This woman is dedicated! She lives about 40 minutes on foot from the church and normally took the bus but this week, the week of her baptism she bought a motorcycle so that she would be able to go to and from church Sunday! her son Pedro was born with a problem that he was not able to walk, his feet don't have all the muscles, so he is very ripped with only 11 years old because he for most of his life used his upper body to do everything but he did a surgery that made it possible for him to walk he doesn't walk normally and its very difficult for him to walk without someone securing his arm, so it was very special for him to be baptized this Sunday! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!