Monday, July 11, 2016

73rd Week Out, Week 4 Pacatuba, "Reactivated Family"

Dear family and friends My companion Elder Ehms is super legit! he played for a professional soccer team here in Brasil called Gremio! ( its the professional team for the state!) He was 16 when he was playing and he is SUPER GOOD! like he can literally do everything with a soccer ball! so what professional teams do here is find kids under 18 to play for their team when they turn 18, (scouting) they chose him and when he turned 18 he would have literally been on the professional team! they were paying him to play soccer! but he left to serve a mission! DANG!

-- This week we had another baptism! for a boy named Francil he is 13 years old. We found him because of our bishop, 2 Sundays ago we went to pick someone up with our bishop and while we were driving he pointed at a house and said theres a family of less actives that lives here, I would like you to visit. SO we passed by and theres 2 less actives a boy named Welison who is 18, his brother Tiago who is 17, AND Francil who was not a member, so we reactivated Tiago and Welison and baptized Francil. They have 1 more brother Felipe who is 8 and their mother Graca who are not baptized yet, so we well be working with them to complete this family! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!
Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-Here in brasil like no one has computers in their house because its very expensive SO they have places called "LAN HOUSES" a house LOADED with computers (where I email) and these lan houses are LOADED with kids playing video games, so every week as I send my emails I always listen to screaming kids playing their computer games.

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