Monday, May 4, 2015

12th Week out, 6th Week in Fayetteville, AR - EXCITING NEWS!!! MY VISA IS COMING! I COULD BE IN BRAZIL IN 2 TO 3 WEEKS!!!

Hello All!

This Week has been Crazy!  

So first off I did get transfer calls this last Saturday night and I found out I was being transferred to Greenwood Arkansas!  At first when I found out I was being transferred I was so confused because I had a lot going for me here in Fayetteville!  That night I went and checked my visa status and found out that I have 4 out of 4 dots!  This means my visa is being mailed to me and I will probably be leaving for Brazil here in the next 2 weeks!  Looks like I should start practicing Portuguese more often... jk!  I study every day!  It makes sense that I am being transferred because Elder Reed leaves in 6 weeks and is his last transfer!  If I were to leave half way through then he would only have half a transfer to help someone come in and take over when he leaves and that would be super stressful because we have a double area assignment!  

Anyways, I will be leaving Fayetteville this Thursday!  I have been saying my goodbyes to all the members, investigators, and people that I just met, but the work will go on and I know that I will be blessed no matter where I am!  I am on the Lords errand to do his will! 

I was able to do a double exchange this week.  The first day I went on exchanges with Elder Bulpitt who is my Zone leader in his area, and then I went on an exchange with elder Connor who came to my area.  Both days were filled with success.  I went tracting inside the University of Arkansas and talked to a lot of people!  

We committed one of our investigators to be baptized on may 24th and he was like, "Do you think we can move it to the 11th because I have family coming in that day."  We were like; "Ummmmm YES!" But I'm sad that I will not be here to see the baptism be preformed.  The Renfroes came back from their 2 week vacation Sunday.  It was nice having the mansion all to ourselves!  We only threw 1 party on last Preparation Day (P-day) and had all the elders in our district over where we played a bunch of sports and watched meet the Mormons.  When we asked the Renfroes if we could throw a party their only response was, "Yeah, just as long as you feed our chickens!"  Oh and me and my companion did manage to set the alarm off at the mansion... It was the loudest thing I have ever heard in my entire life!   After we managed to shut off the alarm, there was a woman who called and was like, "You have 60 seconds to give me the password go!"  We didn't know it, so she hung up and the next thing we know there was 3 cop cars outside with officers knocking on our door!  When we opened the door they all came in and what do they see... two teenage boys in a mansion by themselves!  It was so awkward!  This cop was not buying our story at all.   So first off my companion was in regular clothes while I was still in my suit and tie and he asked where we were from.  I was from California and my companion was from Idaho... We both didn't know our phone number because we didn't have it memorized yet... I had a tag in Portuguese that said Elder and he had never heard of a Mormon... This guy was not buying anything but luckily they got a hold of the owners and we were ok!  That was a long night that night!  

We were able to go on a hike today and like I said, everything out here is GREEN!  It kind of reminds me of Hawaii, but there's no ocean. 

Anyways I love you all and thank you for all of your love and support!
Arkansas is very green!  Beautiful hike!

My first red neck bonfire! people out here call me a "cityboy" quite often.

Elder Connor who went on an exchange with me this week! I love this kid, he is a stud!

4 dots and I'm going to Brazil!!!

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