Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My first contact from a member in AR! A very appreciated text message!

Her message:
I thought you would appreciate a picture of your wonderful son and his good companion Elder Reed.  We have had missionaries staying in our home or about six years and this companionship has been one of the best.   Elder Horton has worked hard while waiting for his visa.   He along with his companion have made a positive difference for both members and investigators.  

I responded:
Wow!  Thank you so much!  It's been such a blessing to know he is with a family as wonderful as yours.  You are too kind to contact me and make me feel so good tonight!  We love that boy!  Brennen brings us so much joy!  We are so excited his Visa is coming and he will have the opportunity to serve in the mission he was called to!  We love that he had the opportunity to serve the people of Arkansas.  Thank you again for this wonderful treat tonight!  I think that Brennen's mission so far has been the perfect dream!  He is so happy!
She responded:

We love them.  He is happy and it shows.  He loves his family and by the way he is serving the Lord, it shows how he loves the Lord.   He is representing his family and the Lord well.

She took and sent these wonderful pictures of Elder Horton!

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