Monday, August 17, 2015

27th Week Out, 7th week in Juazeiro, Fortaleza

Dear family and friends;

This week I bought my first “rede” or hammock!  It was only 30 “reais” which is only $10 US dollars! What a deal!

Anyway, this Sunday was probably one of the best!  We reactivated two less actives.  One was a woman and we have started teaching her mom.  Her and her mom both walked a couple miles to church Sunday!  I sat in church today with three of our investigators and it brought me so much joy to sing the hymns with them.  Also do you remember Joao Neto, my first baptism?  Well this Sunday he blessed the sacrament AND I had the opportunity to be with him as he received the Melckezidek priesthood.  He is so strong and really wants to serve a mission!  Do you remember when he wanted to go around and teach all of his friends?  We have been teaching one of his friends named Thiago Cheng for three weeks now and he decided to be baptized Sunday night.  He chose me to baptize him and it was a touching experience for me.  He is 18 and will turn 19 years old in three weeks!  Already he is considering serving a mission as well!  I think back to when I met Joao Neto and he was drinking and smoking with his friends.  Look at him now!  Like me, he is going around trying to help his friends like Thiago to realize how this gospel changes lives.  Thiago was baptized and will receive the Aaronic priesthood next week!

Brothers and sisters, I continue to stand amazed at how much “joy” this gospel brings me!  It’s one thing when this gospel brings so much joy to me, but it’s a whole other level when you watch the gospel bless the lives of the people you are teaching, and then when the people you are teaching start to bless the lives of others!

I love my life…, I really do!  I don’t just say it!  This is the greatest time in my life!  I love this church!  It is true... I KNOW it!  You all can know it too because I know that I have witnessed and felt of it’s truth through the Holy Ghost by a wonderful feeling we get as we read and listen to things that are true!  I hope that you feel it in my letters!  The feeling is better than any feeling in this world!

I love you brothers and sisters and thank you for all of your kind words and loving support!

Impressions of Juazeiro
1.     Restaurants will charge you if you don’t finish your food!
2.     People paint palm trees to match the color of their house!

My Address:
Rua Republica da Armenia 765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-CE

(Note mail in Brazil is regulated as you might have heard, packages and even letters have a high chance of being opened if you do not cover the letter or package in pictures of Jesus and the Catholic Mary. Shipping takes about a month time sometimes longer.

The Crew! I truly love these men! 

Mountain Horto. You can see the statue of Padre Ciciero on the top.

Me and my companion climbing Mt. Horto to our lunch with a member!

Selatiel on the left, (friend to Joao Neto and Thiago).  Joao Neto on the right, and Thiago in the glasses.

Last week I burned a tie for my 6 month mark!

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