Monday, August 3, 2015

25th Week Out, 5th week in Juazeiro, Fortaleza

Dear family and friends;

I love my mission Brasil, need I say more?  Anyways, this week we had an area change.  The area of the native Brasilians in our house was closed, so Elder Hwang and I inherited their area and it’s a lot of fun.  They had the “center of town” which has lots of flee markets, people selling all sorts of things on every little road, and the people here are very friendly!  I love this area we have inherited and we are finding a lot of success with the people here as it is more of a city than farm land.  My mission president, President Fusco gave us permission to permanently take over their area.  

This week I experienced a miracle as we were led to this woman who tried to kill herself 2 times that day.  She said she was going to try again; then we showed up.  We were able to talk with her and help her to know that Heavenly Father loved her.  

This week was Fast Sunday.  Now fast Sunday for missionaries in Brasil is WAY harder than in the states because we don’t drink ANY water or eat anything for 24 hours.  BUT out here in the humid, hot, heat of the sun, we’re walking like 10 miles a day?  That’s defiantly a trial of faith.  I know Heavenly Father will bless me because of this and I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I have to fast.

This week we also received news that my District, “not even a Steak yet” will be receiving a visit by an Apostle!  Elder Anderson will be coming to talk with my District on agosto 26th!  Not only that, HE will be coming by MY house to see what the missionary life is like here in Juazeiro!  I’m so blessed to be able to experience this as I will be able to shake hands and talk with one of Heavenly Fathers Apostles!

I LOVE the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This is His church and I have this wonderful opportunity to share His message!  I have never experienced greater joy or greater work than this time in my life.  I love you all and thanks for your love and support!

Impressions of Juazeiro Brazil
1.     Here in brasil people show up to church late...but they most definitely show up to soccer early!
2.     A 1-way road will turn into a 4 way road both ways!
3.     Mosquitos are EVERYWHERE here so if you don’t sleep with a fan on you at night... you can be SURE you will wake up with a whole bunch of bites.
Rua Republica da Armenia 765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-CE

(Note mail in Brazil is regulated as you might have heard, packages and even letters have a high chance of being opened if you do not cover the letter or package in pictures of Jesus and the Catholic Mary. Shipping takes about a month time sometimes longer.)

My new area!
This is Elder Camagro.  My favorite Brasilian!  He was one of the native brasilians in our house.  Since his area was closed, he was transferred.   I got to be in a trio with him and Elder Hwang for a couple of days before he left and we had a lot of fun!  He really helped me learn portugese and we bacame great friends!

So this is Elder Hershberger.   It was his 20th birthday this week and this is his last month in the mission.  He was a past assistant to the president and he is one of the Americans that lives in my house with me.  He is my Zone leader.  He lives in Ohio.  Well for his birthday, we had some kind of party…  but I dont know what kind of party it was!   All I know is I was chosen to be the "clown" and next thing I know people were throwing pie in my face!  The pie was like a flower, rice, and salt mix so it tasted terrible and people were like throwing pie in my face from like 3 feet away!  It was crazy!

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