Monday, March 7, 2016

55th Week Out, Week 3 Mondubim "My Whole New District Baptized"

Dear family and Friends Finally all my hard work payed off this week and we were blessed with a baptism. A kid named Wallison he is 13. We have been teaching him for the last 3 weeks. Sunday morning of his baptism I thought it wasn't even going to happen; 8:00a.m. we stopped by his house to wake him up (church starts at 9 here and the sacramental is first) and we told he we would come back in 30 minutes to get him and his family. So 30 minutes later we get there and his mom wasn't there, he hadn't eaten anything yet and said he wouldn't go without eating anything and we were waiting and waiting and 9:50 came and we had to go, and he said he would wait for his mom and then be right behind us. I'm not going to lie I thought he was lying, because everyone always has an excuse why they cant go to church. We got to church and we were sitting in sacrament meeting and i didn't believe my eyes when I saw Wallsion and his family walking in behind him, we want to baptise him family to but his parents aren't married legally
(which happens ALOT in this area) This week my WHOLE district baptized! WOOHOO!  I wish I could send pictures but as my brother says "this computer will eat my photos" I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

  • Impressions of Mondumbim Brasil - people with 2 broken legs still manage to rob houses (yea it happened)

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