Monday, June 20, 2016

70th Week Out, Week 1 Pacatuba, "This week I was transferred"

Dear Family and friends this week I  was transferred L I had to say goodbye to all my wonderful people in Mondubim... I truly loved serving there, I loved the people, and I loved my companion and it was VERY hard to leave… but Now I am In Pacatuba. I am Zone Leader again with Elder Ehms. The name of our zone is MARACANAU ( its like a stake), Pacatuba is the name of our ward. My companion is from Rio Grande De Sul. He has 1 year on the mission.  We are opening the Area here (WHITE WASHING, SHOTGUNING, whatever you may call it),  we both showed up here in Pacatuba Thursday morning, we didn’t know the Area or anyone or anything, we didn’t even have a map of our area, AND on top of it all the Elders here before us left us with a cellphone without credit! So we couldn’t even call the bishop or Ward Mission Leader or anything. But we were able to work very hard this week! We met 27 new investigators in 3 days and had 7 people at church Sunday! One man walked 40 minutes on foot to church with us! This week we should have 2 baptisms! Our area is HUGE finally! I am kind of in the interior again, man how I missed it! I left the city! I have mountains to see, dirt roads, forests and I love our area!  Remember in Juazeiro there was a Bairro (city) named Horto? Well here in Pacatuba there is also a Bairro named HORTO!!!! HECK YES this city has my name written all over it! I love my companion to! Elder Ehms is a lot like me we both are very firm with people, simple, organized, and we both like to walk very fast! (to anyone that didn’t know yet I don’t just walk around our here I like fast walk almost jog everywhere I go!) He is whiter than me and people here think he’s more American than me! HA my Portuguese is great now, and I can honestly say I’m Fluent in my Portuguese as I have been here in Brasil for a year now! I am so Happy with my life, to be here on a mission, I’m truly starting to know my savior better. I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

IMPRESSIONS of Pacatuba Brasil
-Here in Brasil cellphone plans don’t exist, everyone buys these like sd cards of credit that they put in their phones and when the credit runs out, you have to buy more credit, its almost like all the phones here are a Burn Phone if anyone knows what that is? But we as missionaries receive 100 minutes of credit for every month. When you use it all you have to wait until the 20th of every month to receive more credit.

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