Monday, June 27, 2016

71th Week Out, Week 2 Pacatuba, "Helping Others to feel the Spirit"

 Dear Family and Friends This week Elder Ehms and I are getting more used to the Area here as we only showed up here a week ago. We created a LIFE-SIZE map thats even divided in color for Bairro( I forget what word that is in English)  to help us and all future missionaries that will pass by in this area! We had 2 baptisms this Sunday! one was for a man named Marcos, he is 23 years old, and man this man was literally prepared for us, turns out there had been many missionaries that had passed by in his house years ago, he never was baptized.  There wasn't any record for him recorded in our are book. We found him in the house of another investigator we were leaving and he showed up and we asked for his address and that was pretty much it we passed by his house started to teach him and he decided within a week that he wanted to be baptized and he was! We even brought a member with us to his house so that he could create a friendship with a member and they became good friends and this member Jefferson baptized Marcos, it was his 1st baptism and will be serving a mission soon. Our other baptism was for a woman named Luana she is 18 years old. Her mom and sister were baptized a month ago but she didn't feel prepared to be baptized. Many people feel that 2 weeks is way to fast to baptize someone but this theory here in CEARA Brasil is false. Here people are very humble and open to everything you have to say even if they are from another religion, and all we have to do is help them have a spiritual experience to feel for themselves that our message is true and after that its BAPTISM because your not perfect before baptism and your not being baptized to be perfect, because you´ll never be perfect even after baptism so its not even worth trying to be perfect before baptism because it will never happen and its much harder to try without the help of the gift of the holy ghost, that we receive AFTER baptism. Once you have had a spiritual experience what more do you need? You will never know everything before baptism and not even after baptism you will know everything. Something my president told me is that we are not here to convert people to be baptized because conversion is a lifetime process, not even you yea YOU are completely converted yet,  SHOCKER. I love to know with a surety that I am on the right path that I don't have to think our doubt theres something bigger in life for me., I know that what I am doing is 100% the right choice, and that this TRULY IS the church of Jesus Christ, the ONLY yes ONLY COMPLETELY true church on the face of the ENTIRE earth! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

 Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-here in Brasil people don't just hit each other when they fight the cool thing to do here is take your sandal from your foot and slap someone with it or just throw your sandal. For example when a child of a parent is fighting, disruptive, Etc. the parent will just take their sandal from their foot and raise it in the air like a threat that their about to be slapped with a sandal and they keep quiet real quick.

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  1. Eu amei ter participado de seu blog, e hoje realmente eu tenho o testemunho vivo dentro do meu coração, que esse é o evangelho verdadeiro, muito obrigada por não ter desistido de mim. Luana Campos