Monday, October 24, 2016

86th Week Out, Week 18 Pacatuba, "Interviewed by a General Authority"

Dear Family and friend

This week my new companion showed up! Elder Arias he is from Columbia! Yea that’s right! Now you have an American and a columbium together, trying to speak Portuguese. It’s funny because he has a Spanish slang and I have an American slang so we never understand each other.  He is 20 years old he has 1 year and 1 month on the mission! He is the youngest in his family and his family is members of the church, his brother already served a mission. He was a singer before the mission! So he’s always singing!  A cool thing about my companion is more than a year ago when I showed up here in Brasil, I was going through training in the mission office and the first elder I met was Elder Arias, he was being sent home that day! He passed 8 months at home and decided to come back on the mission! He would have gone home with me had he never left but now he has 11 more months, but I’m so happy that he came back so that we could be companions today! He is a good guy and we are becoming the best of friends! 
SO this week you will all never guess what happened to me! Elder Basset a member of the 70 gave a mission conference this Thursday for our mission! AND Wednesday night before the conference I get a call from the assistants informing me that my mission President received inspiration that I will be interviewed by Elder Basset! I was FLIPPEN OUT Like IM GOING TO BE INTERVIEWE BY A GENERAL AUTHORITY!!!! THAT DOSENT HAPPEN AND WHO KNOWS IF IT WILL EVER HAPPEN AGAIN?! I started thinking what did I do wrong? Nothing! Did someone in my family die? I hope not! Is he going to offer a calling to me? A million things were going through my head! As I sat in the chair outside his office to be interviewed! But in the end it was just a special opportunity to be interviewed. My mission president chose 1 other elder and 3 sisters to be interviewed out of 160 missionaries!  He explained to me the importance of marriage and many other things of deep doctrine! He gave me the opportunity to ask him questions also! Such an amazing experience! I would like to write everything he told me but it would take too long! But I do have it all written down!

SO a funny thing I saw this week; the photo bellow shows the front gate of someones house, Here in Brasil the average house has the width of 2 cars and is super long! Its like a line of bedrooms that all conect you look in the front door and you can see all the way in the back of someones house in the 4th,5thrd room! But anyways normally theres no room for a car in your house so people get creative. This person in the photo restyled his front gate to fit his car in! 

This week we had another miracle baptism for a girl named Emilly. She is 12 years old and her mother is less active. So Mondayof this week we had no one to baptize. So what many missionary’s do on Monday (Preparation day or P-DAY) is also having a P-NIGHT and after 6 o clock they plan a Party family night at someone’s house, and don’t work the rest of their P-Day. Because Preparation day is only until 6:00 then you go to work! So these last 2 weeks Emily had been to church but was never able to catch her at home! And we could have easily had a “P-night” at a member’s house but we decided to work and I know heavenly father blessed us for our efforts! Because Monday night we went to Emilly’s house with a friend of hers who is a member, we were already thinking she wouldn’t be there… AND she answered the door! We had a super spiritual lesson an invited her to be baptized that Saturday! She accepted! That week we passed by teaching her the lessons and Saturday night my new comp was able to baptize her! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-It doesn’t ever rain here, but when it does it only rains SUPER HARD for 5 seconds… You feel like it’s going to rain all day but then after 5 seconds it passes.

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