Monday, November 7, 2016

87-88th Weeks Out, Week 19-20 Pacatuba, "Lunch at the Mission Presidents House"

 Dear family and friends so on monday we went to the mission office to get materials and while we were there, President Leite (our mission President) showed up and invited me and my companion to lunch at his house with his family! he lives in an area SUPER RICH! every single house looks like a temple where he lives! He even took us to see the beach and take a picture because he lives super close to the ebach here!!!!!!!! like I haven't seen the beach in so long! Then on tuesday we had Mission counsel  with all of the leaders in the mission! then on Wednesday "Dia dos Mortos" day of the dead, (when everyone goes to visit their ancestors). with a group of 10 missionaries, we went to one of the  Bigest cemetaries here in Fortaleza which is owned by a member! and  we were given a huge room in this cemetary to pass videos from the church talking about the atonement and resurrection and we invited everyone there to watch the videos ! many people were curious and we got many addresses to pass by! Thursday I did a Division with the assistants I went to their area. Friday I did another division with missionaries in my zone. andSunday our stake had a missionary devotional about missionary work! I thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-NO one ever uses shoes! its always sandals! all of the kids that skate here skate with SANDALS! YEA!

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