Monday, November 21, 2016

90th Week Out, Week 22 Pacatuba, "Baptism all the way from City of Horto"

Dear family and friends, this week the Power went out at night! And that’s one of the worst things here in Brasil! Why? What do you use at night to here in Brasil? A fan! Fortaleza is SUPER hot! Even at night. I Remember in California that… yea it’s hot there to, but during the morning and night its cold. But Fortaleza no... It’s hot AND HUMID, during the day, during the night, and during the morning! It’s simply always HOT! You can’t sleep at night without a fan! So that’s always not fun! You just stay laying there in bed and you start to get super sweaty and you automatically wake up and you can’t sleep even if you’re dead tired and want to! This week we had another baptism for 2 sisters. I met them last transfer, I had contacted their mom in the road, unfortunately she is not legally married with her spouse, only living together with her Marido(very common) BUT she told me that she had 3 daughters so I marked with her another day to teach their family. This transfer I had gone there with Elder Arias and we were able to get to know them; Tainara who is the oldest with 17 years old, Taiz who is 15 and Ticiane who is 13. And they were VERY firm in their church (which I will not name). They even had callings to help there, they had uniforms and everything! Tainara even had the responsibility of tasting the wine that they use for their sacrament (they use wine instead of water) to see if it was good. In the beginning they were open to our message but they were very clear that they have their church. Even the first day that Tainara decided to come to church on a Sunday she went home and then attended her church that night. Tainara was the first to visit, we had invited her on a Wednesday to come to church and Sunday she showed up with other recent converts (Recent convert=members recently baptized) from “HORTO”. These Girls live all the way in “Horto” Turns out the bishop here went out to pick up one of the recent converts  in “Horto” who didn’t have any $ to grab the bus to come to church and when He got there Tainara was there to! Tainara had a very spiritual experience That Sunday that she came to church and the next week she showed up again, but this time with her sister Taiz. With help from our messages and the confirmation from the spirit she knew that our message was true and Tainara and her sister Taiz were baptized this last Sunday, they stopped going to the church they were going to, and ever returned their uniforms and all! During this process many people talked very bad about the “”mormons” But 1 thing I know is that they truly felt the spirit. It’s something you can’t ignore! I know and bear testimony that Joseph smith is a prophet of God; heavenly father and Jesus Christ did appear to him! Many people told Joseph that he was lost and that no one can see God and to not speak of his experience with anyone! But if heavenly father and Jesus Christ Truly appeared to you, would you reject it just because everyone is telling you that you’re lost? I KNOW that this is the true church here upon the face of the earth, I didn’t see Jesus Christ or God, I didn’t even hear their voice! BUT I DID FEEL that these things are true through a simple prayer. You feel it and you know it’s true! I can’t deny nor will I EVER deny this feeling. So yea they faced a lot of rejection... But they knew it was the right choice because they felt the same thing I feel! I’m so grateful to know without a shadow of a doubt that this is truly the church of Jesus Christ! If anyone that reads this has not found it out yet I invite you to simply pray and ask! And visit your local “MORMON” church and you will find the answer that maybe you didn’t even know you were seeking! I thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Pactuba Brasil
-EVERYONE is playing with YOYOS!? Like Everyone! Little boys and even men!? I don’t know if it’s big in the U.S. Right now but everyone here is playing with YOYOS! There’s going to be a competition here so everyone’s practicing!

-The power is always going out here! Like literally it’s a common thing for the power to cut out in the city! And its funny at night because the entire city goes black! And everyone starts to scream until it comes back!!!!!!!

1st photo: Baptism of Tainara and Taiz.
2nd photo:  here is a picture from the city; “Horto“ that I talk so much about.
3rd photo: Feeding a monkey ice cream!
4th photo: some type of Bird.

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