Monday, December 5, 2016

92nd Week Out, Week 2 Horizonte, "Branch Meets in a Storehouse"

Dear Family and friends! This week was great with Elder Tozin he is the best companion I have ever had on my mission! I don’t know If I mentioned But before when I had known elder Tozin 6 months ago we had always wanted to be companions! So we are both stoked!!! I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Here in Horizonte it’s not a ward. It’s a branch that meets in a storehouse! Some of you will get a kick out of our little church building here! And church here on Sundays is 4:00 in the afternoon! Until 7:00 at night! Theres no paved roads here its all rocks! This week we had to travel to a house here in our zone to clean it up because elders were coming to open up a new area! It’s been a while since elders have been in that house we went to clean because the area had been closed without elders! When we got there were plants growing inside the house DANG! It took us a whole day to clean that house up! But I am doing well! Thank you for all your love and support!!!
                Impressions of Horizonte Brasil
-it doesn't rain in the winter! Its just hot hot hot! 24-7 365 days a year!

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