Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4th Week at the MTC - Elder Brennen Horton

Since I have been here, 2 Districts have left in my zone.  There is only 1 above us now who leave in a week and then we become the "senior" district for Brazil.  I have been called to be the District Leader on my district.  That means: I assign missionaries to give prayers everyday; Choose hymns to sing in Portuguese; I teach lessons on Sundays and Tuesdays; I pick up the mail for everyone in our district; Go to leadership meetings and a few other things.  I really enjoy this position because it helps me to love everyone personally.  
My Portuguese is coming along real well. We had TRC which is where real members who speak Portuguese come in and we teach them a lesson in Portuguese.  It's really fun!  This week we will do a Skype call to a member in Brazil and teach them!   I have found out that people in Brazil speak Portuguese really fast compared to other places... so that was "GREAT" news, but i'm not to worried!  Our residence room is the BOMB!  Someone who left in our zone this week gave us Christmas lights... so you know me I took some hangers and put those lights up on our roof.   I also put up some glow in the dark stars for night.   I hung up a banner on the roof with some dental floss, and I made a Brazil banner out of cardboard boxes. I have put car freshers in the vents.... and to top it off, one of the elders in my room plays the ukulele so yea, it's the next best thing in our room.  

The snow here has all melted away.   There's only a little left on the mountains and things are starting to heat up here so no more running around in the snow fields. I FINALLY am NO longer sick!... it only took me a month! 

Sister Carri Brinkman came in!  It was a joy to see her and be able to talk with someone I knew! It seems like everyone knows each other here because everyone goes to BYU and then goes on a mission.  

I Hope we get to escort soon.  After about a month you get to escort new missionaries at the MTC and it's the best!  I remember my escort still "Elder Power!"  He made a great first influence on me at the MTC and became a good friend of mine here.   He is no longer here, he is serving in Taiwan now!  I still do not have my Visa so it seems that I will be reassigned in about a week.  I HOPE to get reassigned to serve with my cousin Elder Brian Benson who serves in the Saint Louis Missouri mission!  That is where I want to be reassigned to so I can be companions with Brian!  Also, I seemed to have ripped my pants again!   I was helping stack some chairs after an event one night so there was a lot of elders and sisters around and I bent down to lift up the chairs but as I went to do so it sounded like a machine gun as each string ripped. Everyone just kind of stopped and looked at me and i was like..."Yup!"  AND THEN... me and my companion didn't even have to stay there because we stayed after to help but after I ripped my pants he was like lets stay and help them finish when they were pretty much done and I'm like DO YOU SEEEEE ME? THAT'S NOT HAPPENING LETS GO!  Meanwhile, I have a huge rip you couldn't miss it!  We got the heck outa there!  So yea, I think that my pants are just done now... they are to small, "sorry Dad!"  I hope you are are doing well!  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Thank you for all your emails and packages and love!
-Elder Horton

Impressions of the MTC:

1: If you go to school at BYU you will know everyone in the MTC
2: If you bring Christmas lights, your residence becomes the best room at the MTC
3: Don't rip your pants at the MTC.... just don't...

Our MTC Dorm Room Companions
Hanging in the Snow at the MTC!

Gaining Inspiration near the Temple...wonder what people are thinking

Our MTC District

MTC Laundry Room...just massive!
Ugh... a second blowout on the suit pants!  I think the repairs did not hold up well.
Elder Horton adding a creative touch to the walls in his MTC dorm room

Gives the room that "Homey Feeling"
Our Room Companions found use of the lights
Christmas lights found in a barren room
Last District that left for Brazil handed down the flag for the MTC Dorm Room

My address to the MTC is:
Elder Brennen Tyler Horton
2005 N 900 E Unit 201
Provo UT 84602

( *This address is TEMPORARY! after I will NO LONGER be in the MTC)


  1. We are happy to learn you are doing well and thriving in the MTC.
    Your Mom told me about this site and I love your letters and all the pictures.
    The Christmas lights made me smile.
    May the Lord continue to bless you as you learn and serve.

    With Love,
    Jani & Bob

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