Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brennen's Reassignment letter:

Dear Elder Horton

At this time, we have not yet received your visa to travel to your mission. You will be serving a temporary assignment in the "Oklahoma Tulsa Mission" until your visa arrives.


(Elder Horton writes:)

I leave from Salt Lake City and I fly to Detroit Metro.  I then leave from Detroit Metro to Tulsa and arrive at 7:00.

The Oklahoma Mission covers the corners of 4 states: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.   Elder Kessel my companion is going with me.  He says that there's about 50-70% humidity all next week so it'll be a good transition from Utah to Oklahoma.  

From our district the reassignments are as follows:
Five are going to the California, Rancho Cucamongo Mission;
One to Las Vegas West;
One to Jackson Mississippi; and 
Only one to Brazil 
Elder Kessel and I are going to Tulsa Oklahoma.

Brother Nate Read - A great teacher here at the MTC!


  1. Congratulations! Your new area should be interesting. Did you know that your Great Grandpa Sylvanus St. John was born in Fairview, Oklahoma along with 5 other siblings. And your Great Great Grandmother (Bessie Mae Kahle - Sylvanus' mom) was born and lived in Independence, Kansas. Maybe you will meet some 'family' members... you never know. :)

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