Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3rd Week in MTC - Letter from Elder Brennen Horton

Dear Family and friends

      I love my time here at the MTC!  I can count on my hands the number of times I have seen snow!  But this last week it has been snowing so much!  The flakes have been the size of a quarter; It's been like a blizzard!  It's coming down so hard and fast right now! I love it!  It's unlike anything I have ever seen!  BTW, don't try and run or jump in the snow on a walkway because I have eaten it so many times! 

Not much has gone on this past week.  Unfortunately Dad, I have not had any general authorities come and talk to us, but all of the speakers that come here are some of the most amazing I have ever heard, general authority or not.  I have a great companion!  I have the "best" district and when I say that, I mean it!  We are always on task and doing all we can to better our Portuguese.  Each language has a zone and our zone consists of 4 Portuguese speaking districts here right now; two of which leave in 2 weeks and 1 district left this week so now there's only 3 including us. we have been the newbies for 3 weeks! I'm excited because there is a new Portuguese districts coming in this week: 3 elders and 7 sisters. As for my visa... I still have not received it.  To give you an idea, out of the district that left this week, there was 8 elders that left this week that were called to Brazil but only "1" of them actually went to Brazil.  The 7 other were reassigned to Oregon, New York, Reno, etc... and all of their 4 sisters also were reassigned.  I know I will get to Brazil at some point so I am not worried!  I think it will be exciting to serve stateside for a month or so somewhere and then go to Brazil! 

I appreciate all of the emails!  I love hearing from you all!  It is starting to feel like time is flying!  I have already been here for about a month but it feels like a week!   I got really sick this week so I had to leave class and sit in the residence bathroom for a while, which was hard on me!  But I got through it alright.  Everyone tells me it's my California immune system!  BTW Dad; one of the elders in my district is from Texas and he is always saying everything big in Texas and all of that Texas pledge and things that only apply to Texas but it's really funny!  

The food here is really good! There is always a buffet with lots of different options daily.  Fast Sunday was really cool to hear the STRONG testimonies of all the elders and sisters!  But of course you know me!  I'm not afraid and when they opened it up to the missionaries to come bear their testimonies, and no one got up for a minute, I was the first one to start it off.  My testimony is strong!;  And it grows every day in ways I never thought it could grow.  

I love going to the gym it is a great stress reliever here and I love getting bigger!  But its funny in the gym... they have "Mormon Tab" playing and movies on the "restoration" and all and "general conference" talks so that part takes a little getting used to instead of music.  I apologize that I can only send one picture per email so if you get like 6 emails from me its because I have to send pictures one-by-one.  I love you all and thanks for all of your prayers!  I do feel of their strength and comfort!
Snow Blizzard, right outside the dorms at the Provo, MTC 

MTC Companion, Elder Kessel from Idaho

MTC Zone - all bound for missions in Brazil

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