Friday, March 27, 2015

6th Week at MTC - No visa yet! Transferred Wednesday to Oklahoma

Hello All;

As I await my visa to Brazil, I have been reassigned to the Tulsa Oklahoma mission.  I leave TOMORROW at 3:30 a.m.

 If you look on the LDS maps, This mission is in the middle of 4 states; Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  I look forward to serving in possible all of these states.  I will continue to practice my Portuguese everyday so that I don't loose it, but i'm not worries, I know Heavenly Father will bless me for my efforts.  Once I receive my visa I will fly to Brazil.  My friend Hannah told me a quote I really liked about mission calls; "The best missionary is one who does not need a time and place to preach, they can do it anywhere and anytime." 

Elder Kessel and I are the last ones in our district to leave.  Everyone else has already left.  It's weird how close you can get to people when your around each other almost 24-7 for 6 weeks and then they leave.  This MTC is great and you develop many greats friends here!  I know I will meet up with them again some day.  

I was able to host this week for the new missionaries coming into the MTC.   I welcomed Elder Montoyo, Ellis, and Hodges.  I remember the positive impact my host made for me on my first day and it felt great to be able to do that for others.  I want to let you all know that I came to this MTC thinking that I would learn Portuguese but I was so wrong.  If they wanted me to learn Portuguese they would have had us do it before we came here.  At the MTC, I have learned teaching skills of how to better love everyone around me.  I have learned how to help people in their needs, and I have learned how to teach by the spirit.  My view of the MTC from the beginning till now has changed 180 degrees.  I have a testimony greater than when I entered and I know this church is so true!  I knew before, and I would say that because i believed it, but now I REALLY know its true.  I know you all can know this for yourselves through the power of the holy ghost.  I love you all and all of the support you have given me.

-Elder Horton

3 Impressions of this week in the MTC
  1. If you check your vents often times you find people have stashed random stuff in them.
  2. In Utah they actually have a "spring" 
  3. Piano becomes your apple iPod or mp3 player.
  4. Till we meet becomes a weekly Sunday song

*My address is no longer the MTC.  I will post new address when I get it!


This was half of the food sent from packages to
six of us Elders during the MTC.
(All of our room's food combined.  That's a lot of Care Packages!)

Temple Day!

Reflection pool at the Provo Temple

Missionaries at work - statue at the MTC

One of the Elders closets in my room.   This is just so beautiful.

Loving my new trench coat!  Finally!  Thanks Dad!

Elder Gomez and the Elders in my district.

My companiero!  Great Guy!

All the elders in our zone.

Elder Greenwood.   He's from Texas Dad, and his Texas pride is REAL!!
He gets up every morning and says the Texas pledge!  He's a great guy.

Elder Nelson - Buds for life!
Elder Christiansen!  He can make everything funny  -  love him.

My whole MTC zone (You can see it's different from the last zone picture
because everyone left but us and its all new people)

Elder Gines

Elder Arnold (he was from georgia, cochran georgia, he had a southern accent
and he was such a loving man to everyone)

Elder white ( he was from New Zealand with a STRONG Australian accent, he was ripped, I met him in the gym and he plays rugby and wants to play for BYU)

Sister Unbedact and Breathauer; hard names I know!  So did I tell you about the girl I met on Instagram going to the same mission as me leaving the same time?
Well that's Sister Unbedact the first one to my left.  Small world! 

Sister Andrews and sister Nielson

Sister Andrews and sister Nielson

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