Monday, May 9, 2016

64th Week Out, Week 12 Mondubim, "Visit to the Hospital"

Dear family and friends This week was just another week I had to go to the Federal Police to renew my visa because it's expired. The Federal Police is all the way in the other mission. I met up with all the missionaries of my group that came to my mission because we all had to renew our Visas, when we got there we entered a door that had a sign that said estrangeiros (strangers) and there was people from all over japan, Germany,Africa, etc. anyways that took all day and the rest of the week I got sick again and had to go to the hospital. and let me explain to you how the hospitals here in Brasil are. ALSO that I went to the most expensive hospital available to my in my mission, took like 2 hours to get there by car! so we got there and went to the emergency area  and took like 1 hour to serve me and there was like NO ONE waiting! So the woman finally attended to me after forever and passed like 4 IVys (however you spell it) for me to take and I took them all,and in a couple hours finished, and she came and looked and just passed by me, turns out she went to lunch and I was like hey can you guys take this needle out of me so I can go home now and they were like no she needs to check and make sure everything's ok and I was like oh ok can you call her and they were like no she went to lunch so I sat there in a chair for 2 hours waiting and she finally comes back its 2 o clock and I haven't eaten anything all day! I'm starving at this point and when this woman finally shows up she has the nerve to ask me if I wanted to take another IV i was like WOMAN take this needle out IM LEAVING hahahaha. Anyways I'm hoping for a better week! love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

-Impressions of Brasil
-DON'T go to the hospital because they are not there for you... they are there to get paid sadly...

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