Monday, May 16, 2016

65th Week Out, Week 13 Mondubim, "Investigators Have Challenges"

Dear family and friends this week was a lot of work we had 3 baptisms all lined up and all 3 of them fell, let me explain. So the first 1 that fell his name is Alison and I don't even know why he fell because Saturday night he tells us that he's excited to be baptized tomorrow morning and then tomorrow morning we pass by and find out he went on a trip to another city and didn't even tell us and his dad said he only comes back tomorrow but we saw him in the road that night...... yup and the other was 2 brothers (David and Danubiu) we were going to baptize the mom signed their papers saying they could be baptized and then from nothing we show up at her house Friday and the mom starts going crazy and was like I don't want you guys talking with my kids and don't come back, she kicked us out of the house and then ran inside her house and would not come back and talk to us.... but her sons came out and talked with us and this kid is intelligent man he's the smartest 14 year old I have ever met and he tells us how hes been reading the Book of Mormon and he has been praying to be baptized this Sunday and he started crying because he wanted so be baptized and we were like alright man dont you worry were going to come back here with some people that can talk with your mom (the sisters!) so Saturday we stopped by this woman's house with the sisters (Sister Andrews and Sister Bento) and David let the sisters in (we didn't even go in we stayed outside)  and he went to go get his mom and when she entered the room she's like UM NO NO NO HOW DID YOU GET IN  MY HOUSE? and she PUSHES are you getting this? FORCES BY HAND the sisters out of her house WOW this woman is NUTS! she pushed THE SISTERS! I was stunned I didn't believe my eyes but yup that was my week... anyways I know this week will be better! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Brasil
-So I love the people here it's like this; you get into some strangers house and he will let you sit in his chair and he will sit on the ground because he doesn't have others he will get you a fan because its' so hot here and he won't even put it on rotating to get him to he will just put the stream of air on you, he will ask you if you would like water and you say yes and then he comes back with food and juice or soda.

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