Monday, August 15, 2016

77th Week Out, Week 9 Pacatuba, "Everyone is Watching the Olympics."

Dear family and friends,
                Ever since the Olympics have started its SOOOO hard because EVERY single house you get in the Olympics is on... I LOVE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS! And you know as missionaries we cant watch television, so we always have to ask for people to turn off their TV. This week we had a miracle baptism! So it was Tuesday and we did not have anyone with a date to be baptized Sunday. 1 month ago we were teaching a woman named Veronica, she is 18 years old. She loved our message and even came to church with us but she was living together with her boyfriend, not legally married and her boyfriend (who is addicted to drugs, etc. and told her that she was holding him back in life...) doesn't want to get married to her...So she couldn't be baptized, we started to focus more on the sister and brother of her boyfriend but they didn't have much interest... So  Tuesday we were walking in the road and she calls out to us HEY ELDERS! I CAN BE BAPTIZED NOW! She separated from her boyfriend and wanted to be baptized! So we quickly explained to her that the adversary would do everything this week so that she doesn't get baptized Sunday and that her boyfriend during this week would try to win her back. And Sunday after sacrament meeting he called her But she told him that she would follow Christ's Example and be baptized! She was baptized this Sunday! Every miracle like this always strengthens my testimony and makes me realize that miracles never stopped, we should look for them! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
-Whole families go to church on a bike! Literally, like I don't know if you have ever seen 4 people on a bike but I see it every day! Father, Mother, and their 2 kids will all go to church on a bike inSunday dress!

-I don't know if its been a big deal in the US, but theres a new cell phone app that people are using here to catch pokemon? And here in Brasil I believe the number of assaults have risen because before this pokemon game its dangerous to walk with your cell phone in hand in the road but now with this pokemon game everyones walking in the road with their cell phones looking for pokemon and everyone is getting their phone robbed! Lol We had a seventy of the area come to our ward this Sunday and he said ”So i have been informed that there is Pokemon in the church building”

Pic1- My Usain Bolt status in favor of the Oympics (I hear that Michael Phelps is like a Usain Bolt under water!
Pic3- Photo of Veronicas Baptism

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