Monday, August 22, 2016

78th Week Out, Week 10 Pacatuba, "Working in the City of Horto"

Dear family and friends, 
 So Brasil won a gold metal in soccer EVERYONE in this country was watching that game! imagine trying to find someone to teach during that hour... HA! soccer (Football) is in the blood of this country!This week President Leite called my companion and I out to lunch to get to know us better! he took us to a super rich churrascaria restaurant, he must have spent A LOT of money! he bought dessert and everything (its one of those restaurants where they don't put the prices!) we had 2 baptisms this week, Antonio who is 18 years old and Douglas who is 16 years old they are both friends and they are now the farthest members from the church building here! every Sunday they have to take a bus to get to church because its over an hour by foot! Me and my companion are working to open a group where they live! (In the city "HORTO"). In the city "HORTO" there is days that theres no water in the city! Its very dry out here and the water resevores are very low so they only give water to the city "HORTO"  marked days in the month, like for example this week the water was cut from the city for 5 days! so people have wells and everyone like takes bucket showers etc. I thank you all for all your love and support!
Impressions of Pacatuba Brasil
- the world is your trash can, everyone throws teash in the street without thinking twice!
-theres always something burning, literaly every single day theres a fire, but the houses here are made of brick and tyle so no one ever has to wory.

Picture 1- Baptism of Antonio and Douglas
Picture 2- My Zone here in Maracanau

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