Monday, November 23, 2015

41st Week Out, 21st week in Juazeiro, Fortaleza

Dear family and friends;

Transfers should come today so your going to have to wait till next week to see if I stay here.  As for this week..... well I don't have anything to talk about and that's because... I was sick all week.  I was SOOO bummed.  I was home for 4 days!  And as a missionary you don't have no smart phone to sit on or television to watch.  I caught a virus/ Infection but I'm all better now so MOM you don't need to worry!  The people in the hospital here took good care of me!  I'm great and looking extra forward to getting back to work this week!

Impressions of Brasil
People have cloth lines in the streets here! like everyone just leaves their clothes in the front of their houses!
-During church everyone uses like a paper or something to fan themselves because its so hot!

Rua Republica da Armenia 765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-CE
On an IV in the Hospital

These monkeys are everywhere here!
This is right near our house..... just nothing haha
This is what everyone makes their houses out of here, these bricks that are hollow and weak!
but they make everything with these!

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