Monday, November 30, 2015

42nd Week Out, 22nd week in Juazeiro, Fortaleza

SOOOO transfers came...... and I did get transfered.... Im now a Zone leader here in Juazeiro so looks like I get to stay a little bit longer!!! Oh im so happy I just love this people here! Im so blessed to be able to stay! And im excited to my new responsibilities as a Zone leader! we have a super nice phone now, usualy everyone other than zone leaders has terrible phones. So Im not about that terrible phone life any more! My companions name is Elder Azevedo hes a Native Brasilian from Sao Paulo. He has 2 transfers left in his mission, he might end it here with me. He was my zone leader before, We lived in the same house! so I just moved upstairs in our Huge house. Did I mention we have a HUGE house here, in fact its the nicest house in the mission and EVERYONE knows it! why because whenever the mission has conferences they will be held either here in Juazeiro or all the way in Fortaleza so for a mission conference theres a lot of missionaries that need a place to stay for the night so they will stay in our house theres like 12 beds and spots for like 10 hammocks, 4 bathrooms. We literally have the nicest house all to ourselves now! my companion Elder Correa was transfered to fortaleza and they wont be sending more Elders to our house for now. When I got here with elder Hwang there was 6 elders staying in this house and there was still plenty of room. But 2 areas of elders were closed here, now its JUST me and Elder Azevedo! and our area is HUGE because we took on the area of the other elders that left its like 2 hours by foot ( missionary speed) to get from one side to the other. its great we have plenty of people to teach! We had a baptism for this week for a man nammed Reginaldo, this man moved his life 100%. In the begining he was drinking smoking, etc but now we always pass by his house and run into him reading the book of mormon! he has been free of drugs and alcohol for a couple weeks and has no desire to go back. He was so happy the day of his baptism! He was allready baptized in the catholic church and it was hard for him to understand why he needed to be baptized again? As it says in John 3:5 only he that is born of water (baptized) can enter the kindom of God. I know that ONLY and I mean ONLY the church of Jesus Christ Of latter Day Saints has the authority to baptize people so they can enter the kingdom of god. Anyone can know for themselves that THIS IS the church of Jesus Christ and that we have the authority to baptize EXACTALY how Jesus christ was baptized by John the baptist. Pray and ask heavenky father for yourself, thats how I know.I love my life, I love this gospel, I KNOW KNOW KNOW it to be true! and nothing or noone can take this knowledge from me! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Brasil:
-whenever you ask people here whats new in their life? they almost always respond with "Its super HOT here" or "Its hot isnt it"?

I lost a good amount of weight when I was sick so I will be eating a lot to gain it back!

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