Monday, October 26, 2015

37th Week Out, 17th week in Juazeiro, Fortaleza

This week I got to experience miracles! 1st things first our emailing time has been changed I know only have 40 minutes to email instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes so I'm sorry if I don't email back! This week I taught English class for the first time to try and find more people to teach! I had a class of members and non members. I taught how to pray in English! So this week Our Mission President told everyone they needed to baptize this week! So me and my companion did everything possible to have 1. we worked incredible hard, fasted, and prayed for miracles. Sunday morning started the 1st miracle when 1 of our past investigators showed up at church. her name was Marcia, we had dropped her about a week ago because she didn't want to hear anymore and just doubted everything we said. We spent hours and weeks with her. She yelled at us some times and I would get up and say Marcia I'm not here to fight, I will leave if you just want to fight. I gave her a blessing, she was the first person I ever gave a blessing here in Brazil in Portuguese, I didn't even know how that day, so i had asked my companion if he knew but he didn't know either, so we were siting there looking through the missionary handbook to know what to say. Sunday at church she told us how sorry she was for all the work she put us through and she told us she had received an answer to her prayers that she knew this church was true! and she would be baptized! So that night she was baptized and we had another baptism planned that night along with her. His name is Bruno and hes 21 years old but he didn't show up for the baptism. we called him after it was 7:30 and told him we were still all ready and everyone was still here waiting for him but he said next Sunday... so we started walking home and almost got there, it was 8:00 when Bruno called us and told us he wanted to baptized tonight still, so we RAN all the way back to the church, told everyone to stay because by that time everyone was leaving, we planned another baptism and Bruno was baptized that night! the spirit was so strong! I know both of these baptisms were miracles. My faith grew so much and I know if we have faith we can do all things! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!

Impressions of Brasil
-Every restaurant has a picture of "the last supper"

Bruno and his girlfirend who is not a member as well but she is investigating the church.

Marcia Baptism, also the first person I ever gave a blessing here in brasil in portugese

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